Save yourself the pain of a "no start"
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These pictures show how the vehicle looked when it came in for routine maintenance. It was a breakdown waiting to happen.

Bad battery connections

Poor, dirty, improperly made-up, incorrectly installed, light-duty, or weak connections can leave you stranded at the least, and may burn up your alternator, starter, or even your vehicle.

Bad battery connection

Bad battery connections

If the cable near the battery connection is bigger than the rest of the cable (looking "pregnant"), more than likely there is corrosion inside the cable. That's like having rust under your paint. You may not see how weak the wire is.

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Our custom connections start out with good, clean wire using a high pressure hand crimping tool (not a cheap hammer type), specific for the type of battery terminal, lug terminal or splice to be used. Then putting a double-wall, adhesive-lined, heat shrink tubing on the connection makes a very reliable, military aircraft spec, type of connection.

New custom battery connection

New custom battery cable

On many vehicles it may take an hour or more to replace the old battery-to-starter wire. We have had cases where the whole harness was to be replaced at the cost of $1700.00. That is not a typo … seventeen hundred dollars, plus many hours of labor! Another was over $160.00 for just the cable, and about an hour to replace it. We did both for less than $75.00 each!

What does this mean for you? HUGE monetary savings and peace of mind!


New custom battery connection

We can cut the old battery cable down to where we get good, clean, bright copper, and splice in a pigtail. Taking a lot less time and less materials, this is normally about $26.00-$54.00 - about ½ the cost of just a new cable on most vehicles. Our repair is just as good, if not better, because we use high grade, cast copper, battery terminals, high quality cable, and the high pressure hand crimping. OEM or replacement cables use soft lead which can break easily. As an added benefit, we also put a protectant on the battery and battery terminal to help keep it from corroding.

new battery cable


battery connectors

H&R Tire has a very large assortment of battery terminals, lugs, and splices in stock. If you need a whole new cable we can custom build one for your car, truck, boat, tractor, bus, motor home, or golf cart, and you don't have to wait for parts.

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